Hello.So today i got 1 good news! I reached 60 subbies!Thankyou thankyou thankyou to everyone who is subscribing my chanel.Remember that i will have a cotest at 100 subbies! I am already started to buy the prizes for it!


charmantelle nail polish.

Hello!So today i bought one polish.Its charmantelle 072.Maybe you dont know this brand because its not popular but i really love this polish and i want to show it to you guys!
this is how it looks like.

sorry about bad quality it was bad lightning it was almost kinda dark outside ^.-


about new tutorial...

Hi! I just want to sorry about i dont recently upload nail art tutorials im waiting my nail tools im sooo soooo sorry
i think they should come not to soon ;( Im so sorry i just cant normally work because the brush is now in really bad quality ^.- But i promise ill have 2 tutorials as much internet resource it takes i dont care!
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Package from JaeMarie2008

So today i got my package from JaeMarie2008.She send me a prize because i won in her 1st summer contest!
I was soo happy because this was my 1st time i win in a youtube contest! Ill put pictures with prizes!
This is what the packaging looks like

I already took out all the stuff

Inthelimelights05? Its okay everyone can make mistakes...

Manicure set

Nail stickers.They are cool i think im gonna use the today

2 polishes from Ruby kisses

Rhinestone wheel(was this a surprise prize?)

Nail decorations.I looooooove those red rhinestones

Stickers...I might decorate my cellphone or mp3 mby my photocamera :)

Bubblerap : D

Swatch; Ruby kisses teal envy 136

Ruby kisses; pinked out.
I suggest to apply 2 coats with these polishes
tnQ 4 watching!


So hello i just wannna tell i dont have tutorials because i got wasted my internet resource... there will be a vid later i promise!


Ebay purchase

So today i bought x15 set with nail art brushes.Those brushes which i wont need im gonna sell.And i ordered more dotting tools.Those ones which i ordered 1st i just sell them and i didnt even tried them out my friend wanted them so i sold them to her.Thats it 4 now im gonna put links below!
Dotting tools


Hell yeah!

So i won a contest! I know i needed to post this earlier but... i won on JaeMarie2008's contest! Package should come in this week... i think : D So im waiting but when ill get it ill have a video with prizes on youtube. So please
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again ordering on ebay!

Hey!I didnt post new videos and new posts.Im sorry.I had a BIG bike competiton(i think i spell it wrong).Im going to bike competition on friday.Again :D! Tommorow im going to get bike drivers license.Wish me luck :)
So im ordering something on ebay! Again! I already got my rhinestone wheels im going to make a review when i will have more time ;) Today i ordered dotting tools :) I cant wait when i will get them!They cost only $1.68 :O
5 dotting tools $1.68 FIVE!FIVE!I was like WoW and the most  good thing about them is...FREE SHIPPING!
Im waiting them!Heres the link 


contest =D

Hello girls!today im entering in a contest.its akameru89 contest.im just entering those contests for fun not for the prizes!so the theme is fairytales!yay this theme is soo cool!im happy that akameru89 got her 1000 subbies :)


contest not mine.

Hello girls! Today i wat to tell about a contest.Miss 80million is making a contest.Thats really nice and of course im in the contest.You can make a video entry or comment entry.I already entered the comment contest and now im making video for video contest! This is soo fun :) When i was almost done my cameras battery was low so i have to load it now :( thats just bad.But the prizes are really good! Go subscribe my chanel
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Hello girls! I just ordered nail rhinestones(rhinestone wheels x6) on ebay :) I really dont know when they will send me them and when i will get them.I think they will send them soon.Soon when i will have more money on my credit card i will order brush set :) The shipping was really low price and thats cool ill put a link with them ;)
So i read about ther shipping it will come 18 may-1 june :O Thats long time but i paid low :) so thats nice so ill put the link as i promissed :)



Hello girls! Please go to my chanel and subscribe for contest. When i will get about 50 subscribers ill make a contest!
There it is