contest =D

Hello girls!today im entering in a contest.its akameru89 contest.im just entering those contests for fun not for the prizes!so the theme is fairytales!yay this theme is soo cool!im happy that akameru89 got her 1000 subbies :)


contest not mine.

Hello girls! Today i wat to tell about a contest.Miss 80million is making a contest.Thats really nice and of course im in the contest.You can make a video entry or comment entry.I already entered the comment contest and now im making video for video contest! This is soo fun :) When i was almost done my cameras battery was low so i have to load it now :( thats just bad.But the prizes are really good! Go subscribe my chanel
Thanks 4 subbin!



Hello girls! I want my blog more popular so please share it on facebook! And thanks if you did it!
subscribe my chanel!
And thankyou if you did that! <3


Hello girls! I just ordered nail rhinestones(rhinestone wheels x6) on ebay :) I really dont know when they will send me them and when i will get them.I think they will send them soon.Soon when i will have more money on my credit card i will order brush set :) The shipping was really low price and thats cool ill put a link with them ;)
So i read about ther shipping it will come 18 may-1 june :O Thats long time but i paid low :) so thats nice so ill put the link as i promissed :)



Hello girls! Please go to my chanel and subscribe for contest. When i will get about 50 subscribers ill make a contest!
There it is